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Tioga Environmental Consulting, LLC (Tioga) is comprised of a group of engineers, scientists and technicians that provide technical services for entities that actively support the shale gas development industry. Our typical range of services provided to the oil and gas industry include: state and local permitting, environmental compliance monitoring, water supply development, water impoundment design, hydraulic fracturing (frac) water storage/re-use/management, and mid-stream pipeline development. Tioga also provides safety compliance monitors, which are stationed on-site during directional drilling activities, for the shale gas industry.
While we actively service multiple clients in the shale and gas industry, Tioga maintains expertise in other technical services. Through our network, Tioga has access to additional technical disciplines such as geology/hyrdrogeology, wetland specialists, civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering. Based on our team’s expertise, we are fully prepared to complete technical projects in the following sectors:
Oil & Gas
Natural Resources Management
Land Development
Municipal Engineering


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Tioga Environmental Consulting, LLC