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EMVC February special of month 10% off Routine Dental Cleaning
Your dog's bad breath may indicate something a lot more serious.  Dental health of pets has often been overlooked, but it is important for several reasons.  Calculi buildup is a yellow or dark brown deposit on your pet's teeth that is full of bacteria.  Dental calculi can lead to periodontal disease, and this lets bacteria get into your pet's bloodstream, making them feel ill and shortening their lifespan.  The infection that comes from the periodontal disease can eat away at the gums and teeth.  Pets are very good at masking pain, but these infections can be very painful and may even lead to negative behavior changes in your pet.  Maintaining your pet's teeth is a very important aspect of keeping your pet healthy and happy.  Preventing calculi buildup is important, but dental cleaning should also be considered part of standard veterinary care for your pet.  

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